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This URL used to give details about our D.C. area drive to get #43, and his Veep, impeached. We were able to raise $17,000 through our button sales, and got 700 "I M P E A C H   H I M" yard signs implanted throughout the D.C. area.

Now we have moved on.    It is now Spring 2015 and we continue to deplore the war policies of our President.     He seems to be planning to keep United States forces in Afghanistan for many months, perhaps years.    So we are using this web site to rally Obama supporters and others to do what President Obama has urged us to do:      help him to follow moral and sensible policies.

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===>> Another Project! <<===

As of May 2013 we are undertaking yet another project, driven by apprehension that the United States, or perhaps its proxy, the right wing government of Israel, is contemplating a war with

I R A N !

So we've mounted another local action. For information on this, click